FourStroke Propane 5hp

FourStroke Propane 5hp

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The clean-burning Mercury 5hp Propane outboard was engineered for everywhere. It runs on the same propane tank used for your grill or can be operated on smaller “camp” propane canisters for the ultimate in portability. From your fishing boat at a remote outpost to the tender on your sailboat, a Mercury Propane outboard is optimized for convenience. Clean, Powerful Performance With its 123cc powerhead, the Mercury Propane outboard offers impressive power by delivering a true 5hp on an alternative clean-burning fuel. Portability & Convenience Simple to install and lightweight, a portable Mercury Propane outboard lets you power your adventures with the same propane used for your grill, eliminating the need to haul gasoline. It’s perfect for keeping at a lake house or as secondary propulsion stored on board a larger vessel. Safety Enhancements The fuel hose connector threads quickly and easily to the outboard, while propane auto shut-off valves on the engine and in the fuel-hose connector enhance safety on the water. Easy Operation With a pressurized fuel system, there’s no fuel priming required, so you can be ready to go as soon as you connect the propane. And with manual choke, you’ll enjoy fast, easy starts, even when the engine is cold. Secondary Power for Sailboats The 5hp Propane outboard comes in a Sail Power model that features a longer shaft, a high-thrust prop to control larger boats and a 12-volt, 4-amp/50-watt alternator. Explore Farther A single 20-pound (5-gallon) propane tank can fuel the 5hp Propane outboard for approximately six hours at full throttle. Eco-Friendly Performance Mercury 5hp Propane outboards produce 25% lower exhaust emissions than comparable gasoline-powered outboards. Light & Powerful Enjoy true 5hp performance, all in a package that starts as light as 59.5 pounds – ideal for powering compact jon boats, inflatables and other small boats.


Alternator Amp / WattN/A / 4 amp (50 watt) lighting and charging
Smartcraft CompatibleNo
Displacement7.5 / 123
Dry Weight *Lightest Model Available59 lbs / 27 kg / 63 lbs / 29 kg
Engine Type1 cylinder
HP / KW5/3.7
Trim SystemManual