Pro XS 115-150hp

Pro XS 115-150hp

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Mercury Pro XS® outboards possess the ideal combination of lightweight engineering and high displacement to maximize power, torque and overall performance. Whether running compact bass rigs, flats skiffs or multi-species boats – on freshwater or saltwater – Pro XS is unmatched muscle for midsized boats. Extra Charging Power A powerful alternator supports the battery system, helping to ensure you can crank your engine and get back to weigh-in after a long day running onboard electronics. Performance-Inspired Gearcase The 150hp Pro XS gearcase is optimized for fast hole shots, top speeds and enhanced control at wide-open throttle. The 115hp engine can be paired with the Command Thrust (CT) gearcase. It’s designed to turn a larger pop, providing greater acceleration, better handling, awesome maneuverability and superior control. Transient Spark Technology Transient Spark technology (150hp model) electronically adjusts spark plug timing to optimize low-end power. The result is performance you can feel – greater torque, faster hole shots and sensational acceleration. Intelligent Power Management Idle charge battery-management technology automatically increases idle rpm to boost alternator output and recharge low batteries. Tiller Handle If you run a tiller boat, you can still enjoy the speed and exhilaration of a performance-tuned Pro XS engine. The tiller handles for both the 115 and 150hp engines are available with integrated Troll Control rpm-based speed control. The Big Tiller, available for the 150hp engine, can be paired with Mercury power steering. Smooth & Quiet Optimized from the cowl to the mounts to minimize noise and vibration, Pro XS outboards won’t wear you out on long runs to faraway fishing holes. Light & Powerful Mercury 115 and 150hp Pro XS outboards boast the highest displacement and lowest weight among high-output engines in their class, for unmatched hole shot on a wide variety of boats. Quick & Fast No other competitive outboard can match the top speed and acceleration of a Mercury 115 or 150hp Pro XS outboard. Competitive Appeal With bold Mercury Redline Red accent stripes, Pro XS outboards have the look of a champion. Engineered to Perform Higher wide-open-throttle rpm range permits the use of a wider selection of prop pitches, so you can prop your boat for the best combination of hole shot and top speed. Go Farther Lightweight and efficient, Pro XS outboards deliver more fun – and get you to more fish – from every drop of fuel. Tuned for Speed Pro XS engine controls are calibrated for stronger hole shot and higher rpm, providing exceptional speed and overall performance.