SeaPro 500hp

SeaPro 500hp

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Mercury redefined the way horsepower meets the water by building the first-ever V12 outboard. At 500hp, it’s our most powerful, most capable commercial outboard yet. Heavy-duty components provide rugged reliability, while a revolutionary steerable gearcase and automatic two-speed transmission deliver unrivaled handling and maneuverability. Every system is optimized to deliver outstanding fuel efficiency and simple maintenance so you can minimize expense and downtime and maximize output. V12 Power and Performance The outboard segment’s first V12 powerhead delivers uncompromising strength and reliability for commercial operators. Its 7.6-liter displacement and quad-cam design generate superior torque to easily power big boats on plane and move heavy loads. Automatic Two-Speed Transmission The two-speed transmission makes easy work of transferring 500hp to the gearcase. It delivers maximum torque and acceleration in first gear to power heavy boats on plane quickly before the transmission silently shifts to second. No shift clunk. No limitations. Only smooth, efficient power. Independent, Steerable Gearcase Electro-hydraulic controls allow the steerable gearcase to react instantly to operator commands. With no movement from the engine above water, there are no distractions – only precise maneuverability in close quarters and effortless handling in open water. Contra-Rotating Propellers A new series of dual props were expertly crafted to harness the full potential of 500hp. Designed to run in a contra-rotating configuration, the new propellers power heavy boats on plane swiftly and efficiently, while delivering exceptional handling at low speeds and optimal fuel economy at cruise. Exceptionally Smooth & Quiet A more rugged, more refined next-generation Advanced MidSection (AMS) mounting system cradles the powerhead to isolate noise and vibration, while careful tuning dampens induction sounds and nearly eliminates injection noise. Superior Fuel Economy The V12 SeaPro outboard is calibrated to deliver full performance on 87-octane fuel, with a host of efficiency-enhancing features such as a hydrodynamic gearcase and Advanced Range Optimization (ARO), which automatically adjusts fuel deliver to maximize economy and reduce your fuel expense. Refined Power The highest displacement of any commercial outboard – 7.6 liters – means more torque and more horsepower, with less stress placed on the engine. That translates to a longer service life and more reliable performance, so you can accomplish more. Quiet & Smooth With characteristics developed for the legendary Mercury Verado engine family, the V12 SeaPro outboard establishes a new benchmark for smooth and quiet operation among commercial outboards. It’s quiet at idle and cruise, with significantly less vibration.


Alternator Amp / Watt150 amp (1890 watt) with Idle Charge
Smartcraft CompatibleYes
Dry Weight *Lightest Model Available1260 lbs / 573 kg
Engine TypeV12
HP / KW500 / 368
Recommended FuelUnleaded Regular 87 Octane Minimum (R+M/2) or 90 RON 10% Ethanol Maximum