SeaPro 75hp

SeaPro 75hp

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SeaPro™ outboards are built to work hard all day long, day after day, in the toughest conditions. They’re easy to maintain and efficient, which helps you minimize downtime and expense, while providing the reliability and durability to keep your operations running on time. High-Output Alternator A powerful alternator – 60 amps on the 150hp outboard and 35 amps on 75 to 115hp outboards – helps keep batteries charged and electronics running throughout the workday. Heavy-Duty Gearcase The 75 to 115hp outboards feature the hard-working Command Thrust gearcase. It’s designed to turn larger props, which helps lift heavy boats on plane more easily. The 150hp outboard gearcase is validated at three times the lifespan of a recreational gearcase. Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) From the moment you crank the engine to the moment you drop the throttle, EFI technology responds with instant power. Surefire starting in all weather conditions. Smooth, efficient acceleration. Maximum capability. Convenient Maintenance Spend less time on service and more time on the clock with our no-spill oil change system, easy-access fuel filter and color-coded maintenance touch points. Advanced Tiller The available Mercury tiller adapts to you, not the other way around. You can reverse the grip for left- or right-handed throttling and adjust the tiller angle laterally and vertically for better leverage and control. Powerful Torque A high-displacement powerhead generates serious low-end torque to easily power boats on plane. More torque requires less work from the engine, for a longer service life. Quick Acceleration The 8-valve, single-overhead-cam design delivers rapid acceleration and exceptional overall performance from midrange through top speed. Lighter by Design By minimizing weight at every opportunity, Mercury delivers a performance boost. The 115 and 150hp SeaPro engines are also the lightest outboards in their class. Durability in the Details With a commercially validated gearcase and upper motor mounts designed to be two times stiffer than on recreational models, SeaPro outboards are perfectly suited to handle the rigors of commercial duty. Valuable Fuel Savings Light and efficient, SeaPro outboards help you get more done on every drop of fuel. They’re also optimized to deliver full performance with 87-octane fuel for further savings at the pump. Corrosion Resistance Proprietary alloys. Durable coatings. A convenient freshwater flush system. Mercury builds SeaPro outboards to be tough enough to handle the elements, no matter where the work takes you. Superior Control With a choice of tiller or remote steering and compatibility with advanced SmartCraft® features such as Troll Control and Active Trim, SeaPro outboards let you optimize your propulsion system for your needs.


Alternator Amp / Watt35 amp / 441 watt with water-cooled voltage regulator
Smartcraft CompatibleYes
Dry Weight *Lightest Model Available363 lbs / 165 kg
Engine TypeInline 4
HP / KW75 / 56
Recommended FuelUnleaded Regular 87 Octane Minimum (R+M/2) or 90 RON 10% Ethanol Maximum