SeaPro 300hp CMS

SeaPro 300hp CMS

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Every day, even in the toughest conditions, SeaPro high-horsepower outboards are built to tackle the biggest jobs. They feature heavy-duty components designed to work as hard as you do, with unmatched corrosion resistance to go wherever the task takes you. Adaptive Speed Control Maintain engine rpm despite changes in load or conditions, with no throttle adjustment. Industry-Exclusive Battery Management Technology When needed, the idle charge battery management system works for you by monitoring battery voltage and adjusting engine rpm at idle to boost alternator output. Easy to Maintain The industry-exclusive top-cowl access door eliminates hassle, allowing you to check or top off oil without removing the cowl. And gearcase oil can easily be drained from the torpedo. Heavy Duty Gearcase SeaPro gearcases are validated at three times the lifespan of a recreational gearcase. The V10 SeaPro engine features an all-new rugged gearcase with advanced hydrodynamics for control, efficiency and durability. Reliability & Durability High-horsepower SeaPro outboards generate ample torque at lower rpm levels, enabling operators to work their outboards hard without placing excess stress on the engine. Exceptionally Smooth & Quiet Precision-tuned intake and exhaust, combined with fuel-injector covers, minimize noise for more comfortable all-day operating. V8 and V6 models are 15-30% quieter than a leading four-stroke competitor, while the V10 model is 28% quieter at cruise than a leading competitor. Lightweight & Compact Each SeaPro Conventional MidSection (CMS) 200-300hp model is the lightest engine in its class and is built to handle the demands of commercial applications. High Displacement V10 and V8 SeaPro outboards boast class-leading displacement, while the 200hp SeaPro outboard features a brawny 3.4L V6 powerhead with plenty of muscle to get the job done. Efficient All-Around Performance A host of efficiency-enhancing features such as Advanced Range Optimization (ARO), a closed-loop fuel system and a hydrodynamic gearcase optimize fuel economy so you can get more done on every tank. Compact Flexibility V10, V8 and V6 SeaPro outboards mount on 26-inch centers, making them ideal for a broad range of multi-engine applications and simple, seamless repower rigging. 87-Octane SeaPro outboards are calibrated to deliver full performance on 87-octane fuel, while a boat-mounted water-separating fuel filter kit helps prevent fuel-related issues. High-Output Alternators To help support a heavy load of onboard accessories, SeaPro outboards feature powerful alternators, including a 150-amp alternator on the 350hp engine.


Alternator Amp / Watt85 amp (1071 Watt) with Idle Charge
Smartcraft CompatibleYes
Dry Weight *Lightest Model Available527 lbs / 239 kg
Engine TypeV8
HP / KW300 / 221
Recommended FuelUnleaded Regular 87 Octane Minimum (R+M/2) or 90 RON 10% Ethanol Maximum